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Fusion, 2010/11, oil, acrylic and aerosol on fabric, 250 x 200 cm, 98.4 x 78.7 inch


24 JUNE - 27 JUNE 2014

195 - 205 UNION STREET,

curated by
Charlotte Meddings artist list:
Daniel Bourke, Phill Hopkins, Julio Campos, Jonathan Kelham, Rebecca Byrne, Anne Wölk...

27 JUNE 2014 6-9pm

Charlotte Meddings
press release:

OBSESSION: Love, Ritual, Collection is now Charlotte's biggest scale project to date, inviting 55 international artists to respond to following categories:

OBSESSION: The state of being obsessed with something or someone. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

LOVE: The strong feeling of affection. The most spectacular, indescribable deep euphoric feeling. Unconditional Love can make you do anything, and sacrifice for what will be better in the end. Intense

RITUAL A ceremonial act or a series of such acts. The performance of such acts A detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed. Routine

COLLECTION: The act or process of collecting A group of objects or works to be seen, studied or kept together Assembled together Something gathered into a mass or pile. Accumulation

artist list:
Anne Wölk, Arabella Pio, Astrid Jahns, Anja von Kalinowski, Alma Bakiaj, Anna Kolosova, Bima Engels, Blanche Ellis, Barbara Bianchi, Blackeyed Jack, Cheryl Papasian, Clare Skill, Carl Jaycock, Christiana Kazakou, Caroline Jaine, Daniel Bourke, David Cass, Esther Johnson, Fleur Yearsley, Gred May, Gordon and Mary, Glenn Anderson, Helen Anslow, Ilua Hauck da Silva, Isabel Castro Jung, Jane Emberson, Julie Impens, Jasmine Gauthier, Julie Young, Julio Campos, Jonathan Kelham, Kimberley Bevan, Katharine Laxton, Keely Mangham, Lorraine Clarke, Leonard Sexton, Mathilde Porée, Marie-Louise Jones, Mbeng Pouka, Nicolas Laborie, Orlanda Broom, Paulina Maucher, Paulina Gimpel, Patricia Geraldes, Penelope Vlassopoulou, Phill Hopkins, Rebecca Byrne, Robyn Steward, Rosie Kavanavoch, Robert Aldous, Rococo Wonderland, Rory Lindsay, Sequin Kay, Stefan Nenov, Simon Quinn, Thomas Dowdeswell, Victoria Coster, Wendynicole Keys, William Stevenson, Winnie Chen