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Postcard Salon<br> installation view, copyright Jarvis Dooney Gallery Berlin
Postcard Salon<br> installation view, copyright Jarvis Dooney Gallery Berlin
Postcard Salon<br> copyright Jarvis Dooney Gallery Berlin
Postcard Salon<br> Playground bubble, 2018, 23,8 x 18 cm, Digital Print on paper, the photo was featured at Average Art Mag, published on the 15th October 2018 ,

Postcard Salon

7 March - 20 April 2019

group show at
Jarvis Dooney Galerie
curated by
Michael Dooney
opening 7 March
Linienstr. 116, 10115 Berlin, Germany

press: Inspired by alternative exhibition formats, possibilities of the gallery space and our flier table that gets a lot of love - our first group exhibition of 2019 will be a postcard installation. Following the successful reception to our experimental postcard salon in 2018, we are once again looking at new ways of utilising the gallery space to engage audiences and most importantly amplify the voices of artists we believe in.

curator:Michael Dooney
Please join us Thursday 7. March 2019 from 19:00 for the second edition of our Postcard Salon which will be even more daring than the first... featuring the work of:

Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani | Alex Dabi Zhevi | Alice Connew | Anne Woelk | Barnabe Moinard| Beate Groetsch | Birte Hennig | Cat Lamora | Chris Fortescue | Christina Mot | Emidio Puglielli | Eva Brunner | Eva Gjaltema | Eva v. Schirach | Evan Lawrence | Fabian Forban | Guy Needham | Ine Lamers | Jasmine Poole | Jeff Evans | Johannes C.Gerard | John R Neeson| John Ryan Brubaker | Judith Weber | Kees Schouten | Krista Svalbonas | Lama Ahmed Abd El Wahab | Lars Vilhelmsen | Liesl Pfeffer | Louise Crawford & Stephan Gueneau | Lynne Margaret Brown | Marcy Palmer | Markus Hermann | Martin U Waltz | Melanie Haefner | Mercedes Debeyne | Mikaela Mia Papp | Pascal Cavin | Paul Langmead | Penelope Hunt | Penny Byrne | Rachel Allan | Renata Buziak | Richard Nelson | Rossanne Pellegrino | Ruth Hommelsheim | Ryuta Sakurai | Sanne Moe | Sarina Lirosi | Sigrid Ehemann | Sophie Dumaresq | Stephanie O Connor | Sven Laurent | Thomas Kellner | Ulrike Lachmann | Valentina Schulte | Vanessa Filley | Yasmin Nebenfuehr