Anne Wölk Visual Artist

Selected Projects 2005-2018

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Exposed installation view, copyright Art and Culture Center Hollywood Florida 2018
Exposed installation view, copyright Victor Mahana and Art and Culture Center Hollywood Florida 2018
Exposed copyright Art and Culture Center Hollywood Florida
Exposed My donated artwork for the Museum's Charity Show, Lucie, 2013, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm


18 January - 22 February 2019

11th Annual
Featuring works by
Alfa Gallery artists:
Anne Wölk and Paul Amundarain

Art and Culture Center Hollywood, FL

organised by Laura Marsh
Curator of Exhibitions
Art & Culture Center:
1650 Harrison Street
Hollywood, FL
954.921.3274 ext. 244

Art and Culture Center Hollywood, FL

Laura Marsh

Opening Reception
January 18, 2018 6 - 9 pm

artists: Alissa Alfonso, Paul AmundarainEddy Arroyo, Maria Barbist, Francie Bishop Good, Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson, Duane James Brant, Pip Brant, Leah Brown, Randy Burman, Pablo Cano, Clifton Childree, Jen Clay, Yanira Collado, Lou Anne Colodny, William Cordova, Isabel Cristina Cardoso de Gouveia, Julie Davidow, John DeFaro, Gianna Dibartolomeo, Giannina Dwin, Nereida Garcia Ferraz, Eurydice, Nick Gilmore, Bonney Goldstein, Patricia Gutierrez, Henning Haupt, Donna Hayes, Gamaliel Herrera, Peter Hosfeld, Dana Kleinman, Tina La Porta, Monique Lassooij, Shiva Maharaj, Jordan Massengale, Rhonda Mitrani, Michelle Murphy, Susan Navon, Aramis OAnne WölkReilly, Judy Polstra, Carrie Seih, Arlette Sosa, Sara Stites, Clara Varas, Jill Weisberg, Michael Williams, Anne Wölk, Rie Woodward

The annual Exposed Exhibition and Fundraiser connects emerging artists with collectors. The Center supports the interdisciplinary practices of South Florida artists, artist-run spaces, and galleries.